Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Eyelet Setter, Long Reach Stapler & Corner Rounders

Just picked up some great new tools from We R Memory Keepers.

Crop-a-dile Corner Chopper - $24.99
We have a number of good corner rounders for paper but what sets this one apart is the fact that you can round the corners off super heavy paper stock and even chipboard.  It comes with two radius' to each tool 1/4' and 1/2" on one, 1/8" and 3/8" on the other.  Super heavy duty design means this tool should last awhile.

The Crop-a-dile punch, eyelet , snap and gromlet setter - $29.99
Another heavy duty tool (seriously, this thing looks like a giant crab claw).  It can punch paper, metal plastics and more with multi-reach settings.  Set eyelets, snaps, and gromlets* without having to purchase and switch out different bits.  A great all-in-one tool.

Crop-a-dile II Big Bite - $44.99
That's right, similiar to the above, Crop-a-dial, but in a long reach version.  With a 6" reach you'll be able to get right into the middle of that project of yours.

Come check out this line from We R Memory keepers and all of our other punches, setters, awl's and design project tools that we love to offer.

*gromlets are We R Memory Keepers version of grommets, made specifically for their tools.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back In Stock - Japanese Washi Tapes

These translucent low tack tapes came to our attention originally from a local model maker.  She told us about how useful they were for keeping parts together as glue dries and the ability to see what is going on underneath the tape as you work.

Now we have them in all these great colors and patterns as well.  Come in and see the new styles that just arrived this week.  Check out Bucks sketchbook below and start imagining what you might create with this cool tape.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New! Letraset Promarkers

Move over Tria, and make way for Promarkers!

Disappointed with the relaunch of Tria?  So are we.  We brought in the cheaper, more slick Letraset Promarker and the kids love 'em!  Just $2.50 each, these puppies are even less than the Chartpak AD and the Prismacolor Markers, and pack a comparable punch.

New! Holbein Oil Pastels

Made in Japan, the Academic Oil Pastel is a smooth even-pigmented pastel without hard spots or bubbles.  Holbein is one of our favorite fine art lines at Arch because of their high pigment loads and competitive prices!  Each of these bad boys is just 81¢, and check out the vintage designs for the boxed sets!  Far out!

New! Princeton Snap! Brushes

Natural Bristle, Gold Taklon and White Taklon brushes in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Short-handled synthetics are great for watercolorists or illustrators; long-handled natural and synthetic brushes make for great acrylic and oil paintings!  Best of all, they're priced at 50% off list EVERYDAY!

New! Charbonnel Water Soluble Etching Inks

Charbonnel Aqua Wash Printmaking Inks have all the beauty of traditional oil-based inks without the need for harsh solvents!

-Water-washable oil-based emulsion (contains no water)
-Hands and materials can be washed with plain-old soap and water
-High pigment load (comparable with traditional inks(
-Viscous and easy to wipe
-Mixable colors
-Same drying time as traditional inks
-Will not soften when dry
-Can be used with paper that is less damp than normally required for traditional etching inks

New @ Arch

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Lots of excitement here at Arch as we count down to the first day of Spring!

We have done some major repricing in our brush section.  Our fine arts brushes have been further reduced to 40% off EVERYDAY!  No limited time sales, no B.S.  That's 40% off from here on out, with love from Arch. 

Brushes in our Craft section have also been repriced- they are all just 75¢ each!

Caryn brought some amazing stuff back with her from the gift show this winter.  We are now carrying Buckyballs!  These are awesome little rare earth magnets that cling together to form... well, anything you want!  I like to pull them into a long chain to make a necklace.  They are a favorite for all of us here.