Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Warehouse Clearance Sale!

Where is the sale:
the ARCH Warehouse
1176 Illinois St. (btwn 22nd & 23rd St)
San Francisco CA 94107

3 Days ONLY! 
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Friday (8/14) 10-5pm
Saturday and Sunday (8/15-16) 12-5pm
What's on sale: 
  • Stationery, Envelopes and Color Vellums
  • Decorative and Art Papers
  • Display Model Drafting Tables, Bases and Chairs
  • Seasonal Gift Items
  • Closeout Oil Paints and Mediums
  • Closeout Acrylic Paints
  • Acetates, Films and Clearprint Vellum
  • Overstock Drafting Scales, Leads, and Architecture Tools
  • Various Jacquard & Speedball Silk Screen Inks, Mediums and Screens
  • PORTFOLIOS, Carrying Cases & Archival Boxes! Case Envy, Itoya, Cargo and more!
  • Large Paper Cutters, Xyron Sticker and Laminating Machines and Cartridges
  • Overstock Tapes, Markers, Pens, Pencils and so much more.
Please remember, these are all clearance/overstock/shopworn items and they will be priced to move! Make a purchase of $25 or more at the warehouse sale and we will also give you a coupon good for a future purchase at either of our stores.

We just LOVE moving!
No, just kidding, but we do need your help. We are FINALLY getting closer to moving into our future home this fall. In preparation we have a ton of stock we need to get out of here. We will need the space at our new home for the dedicated class room/gallery and the artist studios and the 20,000 or so art, architecture and design supplies we will stock all under one big roof in Dogpatch.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Rest In Peace, Dear Otto

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beloved Otto. He made his way to doggie Heaven...
Posted by Arch Drafting Supply on Monday, June 22, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sinopia Pigments Now Available at ARCH

We are proud to announce that ARCH is now the exclusive retailer for Sinopia Pigments.

What are dry pigments? Unlike dyes, pigments never dissolve, but form a suspension with the binder. Pigments are a dry powder that lends color to any type of paint. All paints utilize pigments. That includes house paints, nail polish, car lacquers, oil, acrylics, watercolors and more.

The only thing that differentiates the paints is the binder.

In addition to Sinopia's Dry Pigments, we are also stocking their various binders, bases and gesso's. Almost all of these are made in San Francisco by Alex Warren.

Want to learn more?

Alex Warren will be in-store at the ARCH PopUp, 2349 Third St., on Saturday March 14th from 1-3pm. He will be demonstrating some basic techniques for making your own paints and will be available to answer any technical questions you might have. This event is FREE!

Here is short video of Alex mixing paints at a previous event that took place at the Exploratorium.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

NEW ITEMS: R&F Pigment Sticks - Draw with Oil Paints!

R&F Pigment Sticks are pure oil paint without filler, additives, or driers making them safer to use. They are richly pigmented with a lipstick soft consistency that gives them the same fluidity, subtlety and durability of traditional oil colors. Pigment Sticks let you get rid of the brush allowing you to work more directly on your surface.

Watch artist Charles Forsberg painting with R&F Pigment Sticks.

R&F Pigment Sticks can be used as a paint, for drawing and also in Monotypes. They are also suitable for use with a number of Gamblin painting mediums like Galkyd and Stand Oil. Yet you won't need to use any solvents or oils to get them to soften up. The friction from drawing them across the canvas warms them and creates the buttery consistency you see from the video.

ARCH is currently stocking several sets of R&F Pigment Sticks. We are hoping you'll like them us much as we do and to one day bring in the full line of individual sticks.

Find these at the ARCH PopUp 2349 Third St. SF CA 94107

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Items: Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paints

52 matte finish colors. This water based spray paint is a game changer for artists and designers, model makers and inventors. Mix colors with a paint brush and water, clean up stains, PAINT ON FOAM!
  • Anti-clog valve
  • Feel less fatigue when painting indoors or places with poor ventilation. 
  • Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene. 
  • Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 - 25 minutes.
  • Dries to Water Proof

Watch this video (1:21) to see how versatile this spray paint is!

ARCH stocks the full line of 48 colors, two transparent colors and two varnishes. The cans are ergonomic, compact to get into tight spots, and still come in at 300ml.

Colors Available

Welcome Back Students! New Year = New Store Hours

ARCH@CCA has new store hours:

Monday thru Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturdays 12pm - 5pm
Closed Sundays

ARCH@CCA - 1111 8th St. SF CA 94107

Have a class list you need fulfilled? Want to start the new year with a new sketchbook? Or maybe a new pen to note down those resolutions? ARCH@CCA has an incredible selection of art supplies and design tools to get you through the semester.

We are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and offer STUDENT and FACULTY discounts with ID.

Come in and check out what's new! We are expanding our selection of materials for laser cutting and prototyping, and have brought in new products like Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paints. Coming soon the full line of Gamblin 1980 Oil Paints and also the Derwent Graphik water based paint pens.

ARCH is the place for Artists, Designs, Builders and Inventors. Drop in and get inspired today!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ARCH: Back In Business!

VISIT Our temporary home in Dogpatch

2349 3rd St
SF CA 94107

Open Monday - Friday 10-6 and Saturday 12-5   Call us 415-433-2724

We like to think of The ARCH POPUP at 2349 3rd Street as a "Mini ARCH" where we have a choice selection of watercolor, calligraphy, drawing and drafting supplies and tools. Here you will find our entire selection of decorative papers and stationery and an awesome assortment of pens, pencils, trace rolls, 1000H, clips, pins and so much more.  

The ARCH POPUP is where you will find all the inspiration and perfect gifts for your friends and family. Beautiful books, locally made jewelry, kids crafts and the tons of great stocking stuffers that you have come to love, can all be found on 3rd Street.


Our Annex store at the California College of the Arts

1111 8th St
SF CA 94107
Mon - Fri 9am - 7:30pm
Saturday Noon - 5pm
Closed Sundays

ARCH@CCA, located at 1111 8th Street, has a great selection of pens, drawing materials, painting supplies, printmaking papers and tools. It is also our one-stop shop for model making and prototyping supplies with a constantly expanding selection of adhesives, tools, woods, acrylics, foams and more. Want us to carry a specific product for your project? Let us know! 

And in case you are wondering,
"Yes! This store is open to the public and students!"

We couldn't be more pleased with our two new homes! The reception and support from all of our customers has been incredible. As we are still ironing out the details and sorting our inventory, we suggest calling ahead if you have a specific item or need.

Thank you all for your love and support! Please come visit us soon!!