Thursday, May 31, 2018

Great Travel Journals from Pentalic

A simple, all-purpose and durable sketchbook is often the key to bringing your best ideas forward. If you’re an artist, a writer or just a creative mind, you will find the Pentalic Traveler sketchbook an inspiring book to keep by your side.

Packed with 80 sheets (160 pages) of white, 74lb recycled paper, the Traveler takes pencil, ink, fountain pen and even watercolor washes. We’ve added a new rack of Traveler books that features three different sizes in a variety of bold colors. Each book comes equipped with a ribbon page marker, back pocket, and an elastic closure that makes the Traveler the ideal sketchbook to take everywhere you go.

The Pentalic Aqua Journal features thick sturdy paper that gives confidence that one can deal heavy watercolor washes. The smaller sizes are great for traveling and with the hard cover it will hold up easily to the everyday stress of travel and handling. The binding also allows it to lay flat when working. These are available in four sizes (including a 5x5 square!).

We suggest pairing the Aqua Journal with these great Art Advantage Water Brushes. Makes a great gift for a friend, a father or yourself!

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