Monday, August 27, 2012

Gamblin Art Sketching Oil Colors

ARCH is now stocking Gamblin Art Sketching Oil paints. Created specifically for those learning how to control colors in oil paint, Gablin ASO colors are made from the same finest quality pigments that Gamblin is known for. Made with no gelling agents, they have the more traditional feel of Gamblin Artists' Grade oil colors.

Available in an array of colors (including genuine Cadmium and Cobalt colors), ARCH is stocking the 150ml tubes, perfect for students looking for quantity, quality and economy.

Learn on the Gamblin ASO colors, and as your skills grow, expad your pallet with the Gamblin Artists' Grade oil colors, also available at ARCH.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer's almost over. Isn't it time to Get Your Sh*t Together?

Written by visual artist, curator and educator Karen Atkinson, Getting Your Sh*t Together is a comprehensive guide on the business of being an artist. The book covers most any situation and gives practical advice on everything from hanging artwork to hiring employees.

We would recommend this manual for artists of all backgrounds, who are looking for help organizing both the creative side and the business side of their life.

Get into ARCH and Get Your Sh*t Together today.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Falconboard - a Foam Board Alternative

How about a "green" alternative to Foam Boards? ARCH is now stocking Falconboard. It's honeycomb structure can handle the most demanding of graphic display requirements due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability.

Just a bit over 1/4" thick (17/64"), we have sheets available in 30" x 40" and 4' x 8'. Falconboard emits zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contains up to 20% chlorofluorocarbon-free recycled paper and is both bio-degradable and recyclable.

While the manufacture sees this primarily as a mounting board, we would love to see how this looks in a scale model.

We have a limited amount of samples if you want to try it out. Stop in to ARCH today!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Papergirl SF 2012 - Call For Entries

Calling all Artists, Makers, & Doers!

We invite you to participate in this year’s Papergirl SF project! Complete with art-wielding bike riders and bike-riding artists!

Papergirl is a community art project that distributes submitted art pieces by bicycle, freely and at random, to people in the streets of San Francisco, American paperboy style! All are welcome to participate.

We think art is best when shared, why else do it? As artists, we want to express ourselves creatively, show our creations to others, and start a conversation. Every day could use more art and kindness. Won't you join us? Send us your art, tell your friends and foes, and we'll see you in November with tires full of air and bags full of artwork, ripe for the giving.

Send roll-able artwork by October 20th to: 

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156
San Francisco, CA 94141 

You can also drop you art off right here at ARCH!