Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Water Soluble Kuretake Pens

Paige is our resident guru on pens. I asked her to feature some of her new favorites. It was hard to narrow down, so she decided to feature a number of the new water soluble Kuretake pens we have brought it.

Each of these pens is available in-store to try out.

Fine bristle tip great for extra fine to thick line weights. 
Comes with two ink cartridges. 
Refillable and water soluble.

Available in a wide variety of colors. 
Fine bristle brush tip good for fine to thick line weights. 
Water soluble but not refillable.

Small flexible felt tip pen good for a variety of medium weight lines. 
Comes with two ink cartridges. 
Refillable and water soluble.

Dual felt tip- one small and rigid for fine lines, the other big and flexible for a variety of expressive line weights. 
Water soluble but not refillable.

Extra fine flexible felt tip capable of hairline mark making and fine lines. 
Water soluble but not refillable.

Come in and try these pens out yourself and thanks for supporting your local art supply store!

New To Stock: Noodler's Ink

We have been adding a lot of new items to our inventory since our big move to Carolina street. We’re very proud to announce the arrival of a long awaited item: Noodler’s Ink!

Noodler’s Ink offers high quality ink for fountain pen and fine art use. They are famous for their low cost-to-volume pricing and unique color selection. Customers have been asking us about Noodler’s for a long time, so we were especially excited to see this shipment arrive.

Made in the USA, Noodler’s Ink is 100% handmade and locally sourced whenever possible. Distinct names like “Dragon’s Napalm”, “Heart of Darkness”, and “Blue Nose Bear” are paired with wild imagery on each bottle. Noodler’s claim to fame comes from the interesting properties that are specific to each ink. They stock inks that are waterproof, UV resistant, anti-feathering, freeze-resistant and even “bulletproof”. (Bulletproof is a Noodler’s term for waterproof, bleach proof, lightfast, and archival qualities). The Noodler’s Black, now in stock, is an example of one of these “bulletproof” inks.

We are currently stocking 8 of the Noodler’s inks with plans to bring in more of their exclusive colors. Come check them out today!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The AlumiDrafter

Invented by a practicing architect, the AlumiDrafter gives designers all the advantages of a traditional triangular scale, but in a flat and ultra-portable new shape. This multi-use tool allows you to measure and scale drawings as well as create precise circles, arcs, angles and triangles — with more calibration that the standard triangle scale. The durable photo anodized finish guarantees that measurements won't rub off.

Calibrations include 16, (1/8, 1/4), (1 1/2, 3), 1/16, (3/32, 3/16), (1/2, 1), (3/4, 3/8) and 1/3.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New To Stock - Xiem Scuplting Tools

We're very excited here at ARCH for the arrival of Xiem Tools, a fantastic line of high quality tools for clay artists. Founded in California, Xiem Tools pair enjoyable design with quality execution. We're now stocking a selection of Xiem Tools including scoring tools, soft & firm ribs, ribbon sculpting tools, texture combs, precision applicators and a lot more!

The scoring, ribbon, and stylus tools feature a comfortable, brightly colored body and durable metal head. When held, each tool has a nice weight that matches its quality construction.

The ribs and combs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and firmness levels to match your project needs. They are available in sets as well as individuals.

Xiem Tools are versatile enough to be used in all kinds of clay art including throwing and hand-building. Try them out on precious metal clay, polymer clay, Sculpey, earthenware and stoneware clay!

The Xiem Precision Applicator is an ideal tool for ceramic glazing, slip-trailing, fine detailing, writing, wax-resisting, painting and many other liquid decorating techniques. This set includes the applicator and a variety of precision tips.

Made to last and easy to use, Xiem Tools provide simple solutions for clay artists looking for high quality tools for projects of all kinds. Come check them out at ARCH today!

Monday, January 30, 2017

New To Stock - Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors

We are testing out 6 colors from Dr. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors. These inks are produced in an extremely concentrated form to achieve the greatest possible brilliance. Each liquid color comes in an iconic 0.5 oz (15 ml) glass bottle package with its own eyedropper.

Currently we are stocking Lemon Yellow, Scarlet, True Blue, Slate Blue, Tobacco Brown and Black. If we sense the demand is there, we hope to bring in the full line. We have them set up for you to give them a try in-store.

Dr. Ph. Martin's colors are primarily formulated for use in graphic arts work on paper surfaces intended for reproduction (e.g. cartooning, illustration, and other graphic arts), and are especially popular for airbrushing. Like all aniline dye base colors, they are fugitive when exposed to direct sunlight over time.

Here is a quick video for you to see these in action.
Come in and try out these watercolor inks today!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Back To School Sale at ARCH - Ends 02/11/17

Back to school is right around the corner. We have been adding new items to our inventory and have created some great deals on staple products students and professionals use every day.

Select Staedtler Mars Products - 30% OFF List
We have some of our favorite products from Staedtler Mars on sale. Select compasses, lead holders and lead pointers are 30% off MSRP.

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors - All 40% OFF List Price
Already a popular and affordable option for oil painters; we have the full line of 150ml and 37ml tubes on sale!

Robert Simmons Signet Brushes - All 50% OFF List Price
Ideal for acrylic and oil painters, these brushes use high quality Chungking hog bristle with an interlocked weave to ensure a controlled stroke and permanent shape over years of rigorous use.

On Sale - Art Alternatives 1 Gallon White GessoOnly $34.99
An affordable gesso, made even more so. Get 'em while we got 'em!

All 18x24 Newsprint Pads - 40% OFF List Price
Smooth or Rough, Strathmore or Canson; if it is newsprint, shaped 18x24 and comes in a pad, it is on sale at ARCH!

Please stop in this month! We have even more on sale and many new products to check out. Our new store is located in Potrero Hill in San Francisco. We are just beyond the end of the road at 10 Carolina. We have plenty off of street customer parking (we share the parking with Larry's towing) and we are open late on weekdays until 7:30pm.

The fine print: This sale takes place 01/09/2017 through 02/11/2017. Sale prices applicable for in-stock items only; no special orders or back orders. No further discounts applicable to sale items. See store for more details.