Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Graphite Curio - Local Artist

Skull & Heart Design - $17 each
Exclusive to ARCH, from Batle Studio, Graphite Curio Skull & Heart designs.  A unique writing and drawing tool that stimulates creative play and expression for all ages.  Handmade using the highest quality pencil graphite. It writes like a pencil but resists staining your hands.

Handmade right here on Potrero Hill by artist Agelio Batle, using an innovative method he invented.  The highest quality Artist-grade graphite is densely bound and should last many years of normal use.

ARCH is currently the only place you can get these two designs so hurry in!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snail Mail Social!

Join us February 11th, 2012 from 1 - 4pm
We had such a fantastic time at our first Snail Mail Social last October that we couldn't wait to do it again. Our friends Carolee and Annie are back with all the typewriters, vintage postage, custom stationery and more to help send some snail mail to the ones you love.

Need more reason to come to this FREE event? Check out some highlights from Annie's write up of the last Snail Mail Social that was featured in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine.

You can also check out some pics from the last social, or RSVP for the upcoming event on our Facebook page.

Palomino Blackwing Pencils!

The Palomino Blackwing and Blackwing 602
Ahhh, the Blackwing Pencil.  A relic from another era. A casualty of corporate consolidation. Lucky for us and all others who still have a passion for the art of sketching and writing, Palomino, a sixth generation, family run, pencil manufacturer, put it on the line and brought this great pencil back to life.

With it's super smooth graphite and signature rectangle eraser it will quickly become a favorite in your drawing arsenal. How intense are people's love for the Blackwing?  There are entire blogs dedicated to the Blackwing, the pencils would sell for $40 or more on eBay. Don't believe me check out this great article from Fortune Magazine about this very subject.

We also recently picked up the Palomino Graphite "Orange" pencils. Available grades include 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 4B & 6B. The coating has a smooth and comfortable feel to it and the graphite produces dark and even lines. Try em out!

Palomino Graphite "Orange" Pencils