Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New To Stock: Fredrix Pro Dixie Stretched Canvas

Introducing our latest line of canvas, the Fredrix Pro Series Dixie Cotton Canvas.  Each canvas is built using kiln-dried stretcher bars to ensure maximum tension and security in hanging.  Stretched with 12 oz. cotton duck canvas, the Pro Series Dixie canvas is suitable for all skill levels, from personal projects up through museum-quality work. These canvases are back stapled and feature a 1-3/8" deep gallery profile.

12oz cotton duck offers a heavier weave which will hold up better to larger brush stokes, a heavy hand, humidity and other studio environments, more so than a student grade 7oz or 5oz cotton duck. 12oz cotton duck is also more affordable than premium pre-stretched linen canvas.

A unique feature of the Pro Series Dixie canvas is the double-primed, acid free titanium gesso used on the canvas.  This surface creates a high-quality ground that maximizes the vibrancy of your pigments and physicality of your paint strokes. These can be gessoed further or are ready for oil, acrylic or alkyd right out out of the packaging.

We are stocking sizes up to 60"x72" and we offer same day delivery within most neighborhoods in San Francisco starting at just $17. Live just outside of the city and need delivery? Give us a call at 415-433-2724 for a quote.

Monday, May 8, 2017

New To Stock: Artist Studio Easels

When it comes to studio easels, there are a ton of options available. We here at ARCH thought long and hard about the qualities our customers in The Bay Area would be looking for in an easel.


We knew quality would be of utmost importance. We looked for American made brands, with vendors we knew we could trust. Pricing is another important factor in this decision. Good quality brands may be on the higher side, but they don't need to break the bank. Finally, we took into consideration the footprint and store-ability of the easels. In towns like San Francisco and Oakland artists are not often afforded the luxury of a separate studio.

Classic Dulce Easel
This American-Made studio easel is designed to provide the artist with the most stable unit at a low price. Its sturdy H-frame construction and laminated quad base offer superior strength and stability. It adjusts easily to a variety of custom settings for working seated or standing.
List Price: $510
ARCH Price: $329.50
ON SALE: $289.00

Deluxe Lobo Easel

Built of solid oak, this quad base easel is perfect for the mixed media painter. It is inexpensive, compact but sturdy, reliable and very flexible. Can be used vertically for sketching or painting, and in just seconds can be adjusted to a horizontal position for watercolor, gessoing or varnishing. Plus, the Deluxe Lobo features a built in shelf for supplies or books.
List Price: $400
ARCH Price: $282.46
ON SALE: $239.00

The sale price is limited to the stock we have on hand so hurry in!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

New To Stock: M. Graham Watercolor and Gouache

We are pleased to announce that we now carry the full lines of watercolor and gouache paints from M. Graham. Using honey cultivated in the Pacific Northwest as a binder, M.Graham paints have a rich palette that wets easily and disperses exceptional amounts of pigment.

We asked Armando to try them out and he fell in love. Read his rave review below:

Graham is an artist quality paint with great color intensity and saturation. Because of the honey content, it reactivates easily when dried on your travel or permanent palette.

Because graham focuses strongly on single pigment, with the exception of a few premix colors. Color theory mixing is seamless and colors stay intense and rich when working from light to dark values. Their colors also have a incredible tinting strength, making it the ideal paint for those wanting rich luminous color through glazing.

Because of the pigment load in these paints, a little goes a long way, especially for wet on wet painters. The colors bleed smoothly, making gradients a pleasurable experience with these paints.

Overall I strongly recommend M. Graham for those wanting rich smooth colors that deliver a pinch of saturation. But, can also be diluted with out diminishing return in color strength.

M. Graham gouache and water color are 40% Off List price everyday. Through the month of May, if you buy any three M. Graham gouache colors you will get a FREE 5oz Naphthol Red M. Graham Gouache tube. Want to stock up on the water colors? Buy any three M. Graham Watercolors and receive a FREE 5oz Phthalocyanine Blue Graham Watercolor tube.

The FREE tubes are only good while supplies last and/or through 05/31/2017. So hurry in and try these out today!