Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool Stuff - Lousy Packaging - Now On Sale

Bad packaging drives retailers like ourselves crazy.  We work hard to find really unique and interesting items and more often than not, if the packaging makes the product hard to grasp customers walk right by. 

We thought we would highlight a couple of culprits.  These items are now on sale.  We love these things, but suspect the bad packaging has kept you from loving them as much as we do.

Small cardboard box, text in french. Original Price $15
Inside: A cute nylon jump rope with carved wood animal handles. Sale Price $6
This jump rope is so cute and we have a whole collection of different animals to choose from. Croc's, Bears, Mice and more.

Hard to open, black plastic box, looks like it's from the Knight Rider era. Original Price $90
Voila: A super nice, metal, Rotring fountain pen. Sale Price $45
Rotring makes all types of terrific drawing utensils.  These fountain pens are no exception.  They have a very heavy and cool feel to them and are available in a matte black, matte silver and the above pictured "lava".

What is this? Woven Basket? Fireworks? Ughhh! Original Price $39
Ahhh, it's an herb garden! Sale Price $28
A great concept, just hard to visualize since it is trapped in this woven bamboo equivalent of a retail prison.

We hope that showing off these cool products a little more will entice you to come down and have a second look.  See you soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Brushes @ Arch!

You may have noticed a lot of changes in the Fine Arts section at Arch!  We have completely revamped our brush section, with supplies for every need and every budget.  Here are our newest arrivals.

Princeton Select:

Princeton Artist Brush Company has teamed up with art superstar Willow Wofle to create the Princeton Select line.  This is a huge range of short-handle brushes great for watercolor, acrylic and gouache.  The line features classic shapes of absorbent, soft gold taklon, but also includes some very unusual styles!

Lunar Mop:
Made of soft, white goat hair, the Lunar Mop is adept at creating soft fields of color like clouds, down, or mist.  This brush is also useful for blending and softening edges.

Lunar Blender:
These filbert brushes are a blend of absorbent gold taklon and soft white goat hair.

Similar to a Grass Comb, this brush can work magic in lots of paintings.  Try using it in a dry brush technique!  The Grainer can instantly mimic grass, feathers, and more.

Similar to a stencil brush, the Deerfoot is angled slightly to allow a pouncing technique while holding the brush in a natural, angled position.  This brush is made from a special spend of natural hair to create a more random pattern.

Round Blender:
Similar to a smudging brush for eyeliners and eyeshadows, this soft, natural hair brush ends in a point, enabling entirely new blending techniques.

 Princeton Neptune

Also new to Arch is the Princeton Neptune line of watercolor brushes.  Princeton boasts these as their softest, thirstiest synthetic brush ever-- and they weren't kidding!!!  This line includes several sizes of quill brushes, which are more versatile than a traditional round brush because they are capable of holding a ton of liquid for doing large washes, but also keep a fine point for more detailed techniques.

We encourage you to try out our brushes every time you come in.  We have a cup of water and some specialty paper for you to practice techniques, test absorption etc.  Please do touch!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Sale Coming To An End - 25% off all Jewelry, Books, Toys, Tchotchke's and More

25% off EVERYTHING from our gift section?!?  You heard it right. This week only!

From the sound of it, this week has been the most anticipated week of our month long summer sale.  You can find everything from Chronicle Books, Acme Wallets, Hillside Bags and Mustache Combs all 25% off this week only.

You know our buyer Caryn always finds the great mix of design, function and humor that makes our gift selections one of the best in San Francisco and now you can take advantage and stock up on gifts for your friends, family and (most importantly) yourself. 

So drop by this week and pickup some gold bars and a Geisha Girl bank, why dontcha?  Our summer sale concludes this upcoming Saturday, July 16th. Hurry in to take advantage of everything we have marked down to move. Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

25% Off ALL Portfolio's, Presentation Case's, Photo Storage Boxes and more -This Week Only!

Updating your portfolio? Organizing your office? Need a place for your pens and pencils?  Now is the time with our incredible deal going on this week at Arch.

We have all our stock on portfolio's, cases, storage boxes and organizational items at 25% off.

All styles of Pina Zangaro, Prat and Case Envy are on sale.  Check out the amazing selection of screw post binders, multi-ring folio's and presentation cases that we have available.

3-Ring Binders and Photo Boxes from Cargo, Century Box and Pina Zangaro are all on sale as well.  Beautiful stuff for presentation and storage.

Also included in the sale are all sorts of office organizing bins and filers.  Places to store your pens, pencils, papers and periodicals are here and ready to get your studio in order.

Hurry down to Arch this week.  We are adding more and more to our sale tables as we clear out the backstock so there are new finds to be found.  And remember, 25% off all these great presentation and storage materials only last through the end of this week.  Hope to see you soon!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Clearing Out the Closet - On Sale - Prismacolor Pencils, Double Sided Tape, Print Gocco

We have been cleaning out the back and clearing out the overstock.  Prismacolor, 3M Tape, Print Gocco, check out all these deals to be had.

Overstocked Prismacolor Pencils - On Sale $9.98/dz
We have so much backstock on Prismacolor Pencils that we need to get some of these colors out of here.  We have marked down over 30 different colors with a limited quantity of each available.  Normally these are $15.36/dz, but we have marked them down 35% off our price (48% off list!!). Now just $9.98/dz.

Various 1/2" 3M tapes (3" core)
We found a huge stash of various 3M 3" core tapes with a 1/2" width.  We have marked them down to move. 

You can pick up Scotch Magic, Removable Magic and Transparent Tape for just $1.99 (regularly $4.66). 

We have the 1/2" Double sided tape marked down from $8.43 to just $4.45. 

Also available at a great deal is the 1/2" #256 Paper Tape normally $15.35, now only $9.99.

We still have a ton of inks, pens and other assorted Gocco Supplies half off list price.  Beautiful inks from all your card / art / shirt printing needs.