Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool Stuff - Lousy Packaging - Now On Sale

Bad packaging drives retailers like ourselves crazy.  We work hard to find really unique and interesting items and more often than not, if the packaging makes the product hard to grasp customers walk right by. 

We thought we would highlight a couple of culprits.  These items are now on sale.  We love these things, but suspect the bad packaging has kept you from loving them as much as we do.

Small cardboard box, text in french. Original Price $15
Inside: A cute nylon jump rope with carved wood animal handles. Sale Price $6
This jump rope is so cute and we have a whole collection of different animals to choose from. Croc's, Bears, Mice and more.

Hard to open, black plastic box, looks like it's from the Knight Rider era. Original Price $90
Voila: A super nice, metal, Rotring fountain pen. Sale Price $45
Rotring makes all types of terrific drawing utensils.  These fountain pens are no exception.  They have a very heavy and cool feel to them and are available in a matte black, matte silver and the above pictured "lava".

What is this? Woven Basket? Fireworks? Ughhh! Original Price $39
Ahhh, it's an herb garden! Sale Price $28
A great concept, just hard to visualize since it is trapped in this woven bamboo equivalent of a retail prison.

We hope that showing off these cool products a little more will entice you to come down and have a second look.  See you soon!

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