Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Brushes @ Arch!

You may have noticed a lot of changes in the Fine Arts section at Arch!  We have completely revamped our brush section, with supplies for every need and every budget.  Here are our newest arrivals.

Princeton Select:

Princeton Artist Brush Company has teamed up with art superstar Willow Wofle to create the Princeton Select line.  This is a huge range of short-handle brushes great for watercolor, acrylic and gouache.  The line features classic shapes of absorbent, soft gold taklon, but also includes some very unusual styles!

Lunar Mop:
Made of soft, white goat hair, the Lunar Mop is adept at creating soft fields of color like clouds, down, or mist.  This brush is also useful for blending and softening edges.

Lunar Blender:
These filbert brushes are a blend of absorbent gold taklon and soft white goat hair.

Similar to a Grass Comb, this brush can work magic in lots of paintings.  Try using it in a dry brush technique!  The Grainer can instantly mimic grass, feathers, and more.

Similar to a stencil brush, the Deerfoot is angled slightly to allow a pouncing technique while holding the brush in a natural, angled position.  This brush is made from a special spend of natural hair to create a more random pattern.

Round Blender:
Similar to a smudging brush for eyeliners and eyeshadows, this soft, natural hair brush ends in a point, enabling entirely new blending techniques.

 Princeton Neptune

Also new to Arch is the Princeton Neptune line of watercolor brushes.  Princeton boasts these as their softest, thirstiest synthetic brush ever-- and they weren't kidding!!!  This line includes several sizes of quill brushes, which are more versatile than a traditional round brush because they are capable of holding a ton of liquid for doing large washes, but also keep a fine point for more detailed techniques.

We encourage you to try out our brushes every time you come in.  We have a cup of water and some specialty paper for you to practice techniques, test absorption etc.  Please do touch!

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