Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New To Stock: M. Graham Oil Paints (plus, New Wave Glass Posh Palettes)

We have been looking to add options in our oil colors category. Recently, we brought in M. Graham Watercolors and Gouache and in reviewing and receiving feedback we are please to announce we have added M. Graham Oil paints to our stock.

M. Graham Oils offer great value with high quality. Using walnut oil as it's binder, in lieu of linseed oil, M. Graham Oils are created in a tradition that dates back to old masters from the Renaissance. The paints have an incredibly high pigment load, offer vibrant colors and a super smooth consistency.

Lets talk more about the binder they use; Walnut oil does not have the same strong odor that comes with most other linseed oil based paints. You can also clean your brushes with walnut oil. It provides a peace of mind to painting in tight studio spaces, as many of us do in the Bay Area.

New to Stock: New Wave Posh Palettes

A nice addition to any oil painters studio is a glass palette.

New Wave Posh palettes are made in the USA with 1/8" tempered glass. These are strong enough to mull paints on and are available with a gray, white or clear background. One of the more ingenious elements to the design is they are sized perfectly to fit into Masterson palette boxes. This allows you to seal your paints overnight and still get the ease of clean up a glass palette provides.

We are currently stocking these in 9x12 and 12x16 and we also have the matching Masterson boxes for purchase.

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