Thursday, June 21, 2018

Koi Watercolor Travel Sets from Sakura

The affordable, lightweight and travel-friendly Koi Field Sketch sets are a longtime favorite of watercolor enthusiasts.  Each set comes with assorted half pan colors and a refillable water brush so you can start painting right away. The 24 color set features a removable mixing palette and the snap lid doubles as an easel to support a 4x6” paper

Koi Field Sketch sets are perfect for all ages, the paint is specially formulated to blend easily and is 100% non-toxic.  Check out our 12, 18 and 24 sets just in time for World Watercolor Month next month!

 A cup of water is a staple of watercolor painting from home.  But what happens when you want to travel and paint on-the-go?  The Koi Water Brush is designed specially for plein-air artists and painting away from home.  Unlike most water brushes, the Koi Water Brush includes a water plug that allows the two halves to travel separately — a truly compact design!  The fine, flexible tip produces the brushstrokes of a natural hair brush with the durability of nylon material.  Beyond water, the easy-to-fill body can hold a wide range of media including ink and high flow acrylic.  Koi Water Brushes are available in three round brush sizes — small, medium, large — and two barrel sizes — small (4ml) and large (9ml).

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