Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Spring Items! Sun! Finally!!

We don't want to jinx it, but it seems like the sun and warmer weather might be here to stay.  From garden seeds to paints made from vegetables, fruits and flowers, we have a bunch of new items in our gift section to help you get in the sunny mood.

Glob Paint Kits - $14.50

Just Add Water!  These all natural botanical paints are made from vegetables, fruits, flowers and spices.  They are eco-friendly, sustainably made and produced right here in the Bay Area.  The kits come with 6 paint packets, 6 compostable jars with lids and 2 bamboo brushes.  We also sell the individual colors as well (only $2 each!)

Grow Me Ready to Grow Plants - $6.00
Grow Me plants make a cute gift and come ready to grow outta the box.  We have a number of different styles from Basil, Clover, Chili Peppers and more.  Brighten up your kitchen window sill, or encourage your good friends green thumb this spring.

Roost Messenger Birds - $13.00

Let the birds do the talking and keep track of your important messages.  The birds beaks will clip on to your notes and come attached with various sized dowels to make a cute display or arrangement.

International Arrivals Flourescent Highlight Pencils - 6pk - $6.00

These "Very Best" pencils colors tell the entire story.  Big, bright, and only 6 bucks.  They will brighten up any drawing or serve as a great alternative to the typical stinky highlighters you might use on your text books.

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