Friday, June 3, 2011

Moleskine 18 Month Diaries + Fred & Friends - In Stock Now!

18 Month Moleskine Diaries
So, you trying to catch up with 2011? Or maybe you are ready, right now, to conquer 2012.  The 18 Month Moleskine Diaries are now in stock and available in three sizes, hard or soft cover and two colors.  Get organized for today and tomorrow.

The OCD Chef Cutting Board - $25
Attention all you food loving graphic designers.  Mock up your dinner with The OCD (obsessive, chopping & dicing) cutting board from Fred & Friends. Cut your celery and carrots to scale and get your dinner looking perfect with extra credit given to those who forgo their Santoku knives for an X-acto #1.

Trashed Sticky Notes - $10
Also from Fred & Friends are these pre-crumpled sticky notes.  They didn't actually wad up all these post-its, they are just made to look like all those notes that you fished out of your pocketbooks and totes.  Put your To-Do's in perspective today with this set of stickies.

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