Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fathers Day Gifts & Cards - Shop Local at ARCH

Card by Sugarcube Press

Fathers Day is June 17th and we have highlighted a few of our favorite Dad items. Caryn brought in a great selection of cards and gifts and we hope you'll choose ARCH as your Fathers Day source.

Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown

Typical Father / Son Dilemma's
As many fathers will attest, your kid can really make you want to turn to the dark side on occasion and this hilarious portrayal of Darth Vader raising his young son Luke shows both the joys and frustrations of parenthood.

Wood Bow Ties from local artist Wood Thumb
Produced right in the Dogpatch these wood Bow Ties from Wood Thumb are a sharp addition to your Dad's wardrobe. Each one is unique in its grain and color and is a fun take on a traditional Fathers Day gift.

Cast Iron Bottle Openers from Roost. Beer and Snacks Not Included.
Simple and beautiful tools for cracking open a bottle for your dad. These cast iron bottle openers made by Roost will last for a long time and are a real show piece for the celebration.

Most importantly, give your Pop a hug, a kiss, a card or a call. Happy Fathers Day from everyone at ARCH!

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