Friday, November 9, 2012

What is YUPO Paper?

Try Yupo Paper!

YUPO Paper is now available at ARCH! YUPO is a 100% recyclable synthetic polypropylene paper that has endless uses. It is tear and stain resistant, has a slick, smooth surface and is waterproof! It is traditionally used as a watercolor paper by fine artists, but can be used for acrylic painting and oil pastel as well. YUPO is also a popular material for making banners and signage as well as an underwater notepad for scuba divers!

When used with watercolor, the water evaporates into the air rather than being absorbed into the paper, which produces a unique look. You can also produce interesting painting effects by laying down color on YUPO and wiping out areas. YUPO also never buckles, which eliminates the need for paper stretching and soaking!

For designers and architects, the heavier weights of YUPO can also be cut in a laser-cutter without showing burn marks! ARCH carries two sizes: 20"x26"in a #74 weight and 25"x38" in a #144 weight (great for laser-cutting). Also makes a great model building material as it resists tearing and is very flexible and easy to cut.

There are tons of uses for this paper for fine artists, designers, and printers. Come by and check it out in person at ARCH! 

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