Monday, December 10, 2012

Shop Local! 10 Gifts Under $20 (and a couple of extra, just a few bucks more)

Here is a small sample of the great selection that Caryn and Kate have put together for your gift giving pleasure. We tried to keep this to items under $20, but we had a few extra that we could not pass up sharing.

We are so grateful for your support of our local, independent store. Thanks for shopping with ARCH!

The Architect Says - Princeton Architectural Press - $14.95

Cubebot - Colorful, wood, robot with movable parts - $8 to $20

Array, Spectrix and Cube party games. Award winning and featured on Cool Hunting - $15

Kikkerland iPencil Stylus - $6.50

Fisher Price Picture Disc Camera - $20

Ed Roth Stencil 101 Stationery - 18 Stencil Designs, 6 Folded Cards, Envelopes and Instructions - $14.95

24 Natural Beeswax Crayons - $13

Neon Color Pencil Set - $7

Mudpuppy Puzzles - Several Themes To Choose From - $12 to $15

Hardbound Whitelines Grid Notebooks - Read More About Them From Our Blog Post - $16.95

Alphabet Rubber Stamp Set from Chewing the Cud - $27

Pan Pastel Ultra Soft Painting Pastel Sets - $37.49

Little Book of Letterpress, Screen Printing or Lettering - Chronicle Books - $24.95 Each

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