Thursday, March 21, 2013

Encaustic Supplies From Enkaustikos Are Here!

ARCH has recently added a line of new products for encaustic painting from Enkaustikos. We are excited to provide a range of pigments in both Hot Cakes and Hot Sticks. Hot Cakes are encaustic paint packaged in easy to heat and easy to store metal tins, while Hot Sticks are blocks of encaustic paint that can be melted directly onto a hot plate. Not sure which colors you want? Try a 5 piece color pack!

We also carry a full line of encaustic wax mediums and additives including Wax Medium, XD Wax Medium, Microcrystalline Wax, Impasto Wax, Luster Wax, Carnauba Wax, Bleached and Unbleached Beeswax and Dammar Resin. All of these mediums can be used to create varying effects in encaustic painting.

Try manipulating and adding textures to your encaustic paintings with Catalyst wedges and blades. A new line of silicone shapers intended for use in encaustic and most any type of heavy-bodied paint with varying shapes to create grooves, lines and more. The wedges are designed to be held in your hand and used directly and the blades are silicone shapers mounted on the end of a brush handle. They work like a hybrid between a brush and a palette knife, are easily wiped clean and are solvent and heat resistant.

We have also added a line of Encausticbord from Ampersand, which provides a professional hardboard surface for encaustic painters. They come in a variety of sizes and cradle depths for you to choose from. ARCH also carries several instructional books about encaustic painting. Come in and see for yourself!

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