Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sinopia Pigments Now Available at ARCH

We are proud to announce that ARCH is now the exclusive retailer for Sinopia Pigments.

What are dry pigments? Unlike dyes, pigments never dissolve, but form a suspension with the binder. Pigments are a dry powder that lends color to any type of paint. All paints utilize pigments. That includes house paints, nail polish, car lacquers, oil, acrylics, watercolors and more.

The only thing that differentiates the paints is the binder.

In addition to Sinopia's Dry Pigments, we are also stocking their various binders, bases and gesso's. Almost all of these are made in San Francisco by Alex Warren.

Want to learn more?

Alex Warren will be in-store at the ARCH PopUp, 2349 Third St., on Saturday March 14th from 1-3pm. He will be demonstrating some basic techniques for making your own paints and will be available to answer any technical questions you might have. This event is FREE!

Here is short video of Alex mixing paints at a previous event that took place at the Exploratorium.

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