Friday, May 13, 2016

Tombo Dual Brush Pens

Fellow ARCHie David Tenorio created a work in progress series featuring Tombo Dual Brush Pens. As the name implies these pens have two nibs; a flexible brush tip and a fine-point hard nylon tip.  They are available in 96 colors and are acid-free, water based, non-toxic pigments or inks.

"Tombow Dual Tip markers have an amazing ability to behave like a paintbrush, providing the capacity for big, medium and small strokes.  Along with a vibrant, blendable water-based ink, these markers have infinite capabilities.
"After beginning with a light sketch, I usually place quick, bold marks of color in areas of high chroma and shadow.

"Using a brush dipped in water (or a traveling water brush), I begin to spread the marker's ink around the image.  This gives an effect that's nearly identical to watercolor, allowing you the ability to use wet-in-wet blending techniques.

"I repeat this process with different colored markers and levels of water.  Finally, I use the fine-tipped ends of the Dual Tip markers for details and trim.  Overall, they're a fast and convenient tool for creating subtle wash effects and unique brush strokes."

The Tombo Dual Brush Pen is available at both of our locations. Come in and try them out today!

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