Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New To Stock - Savoir Faire Opaque Watercolor Gouache Sets

Savoir Faire Opaque Watercolor Gouache:  10 Tube Set
We recently had the opportunity to play around with Savoir Faire's Watercolor Gouache sets.  With a choice of two sets, 10 colors or 20 colors, these paints offer impressive performance for a very low introductory price.

What is Gouache?
Gouache is designed primarily as an opaque medium, as it tends to be the bridge between watercolor and acrylic paint.  However, when thinned with water, gouache produces transparent watercolor effects.  Savoir Faire's gouache is no exception, these paints are capable of rich, flat paint strokes as well as thin washes and glazes.

We painted this study on a nice piece of illustration board
Savoir Faire's Watercolor Gouache Sets
We are very impressed with the rich pigment inside each paint tube and how easy it is to layer.  The flow of the paint is very consistent and the range of colors is more than adequate.  The finished look is suitable for sketching all the way up to finalized work.

While these sets do come with an included brush, like most "free" brushes included in paint sets, steer clear of this little guy, he sheds a lot.  There's lots of affordable brushes to choose from to get your gouache painting started on the right foot, including our Simply Simmons brushes (most sizes and shapes are only $2.82 each)

Savoir Faire gouache is capable of both transparent and opaque applications.
The Savoir Faire gouache sets are perfect for beginners and seasoned pro's alike.  We are blown away with how fun they are to use, how professional they look and the affordability of these sets. 

Stop in today to check them out!

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