Thursday, March 23, 2017

New To Stock: Noodler's Ink

We have been adding a lot of new items to our inventory since our big move to Carolina street. We’re very proud to announce the arrival of a long awaited item: Noodler’s Ink!

Noodler’s Ink offers high quality ink for fountain pen and fine art use. They are famous for their low cost-to-volume pricing and unique color selection. Customers have been asking us about Noodler’s for a long time, so we were especially excited to see this shipment arrive.

Made in the USA, Noodler’s Ink is 100% handmade and locally sourced whenever possible. Distinct names like “Dragon’s Napalm”, “Heart of Darkness”, and “Blue Nose Bear” are paired with wild imagery on each bottle. Noodler’s claim to fame comes from the interesting properties that are specific to each ink. They stock inks that are waterproof, UV resistant, anti-feathering, freeze-resistant and even “bulletproof”. (Bulletproof is a Noodler’s term for waterproof, bleach proof, lightfast, and archival qualities). The Noodler’s Black, now in stock, is an example of one of these “bulletproof” inks.

We are currently stocking 8 of the Noodler’s inks with plans to bring in more of their exclusive colors. Come check them out today!

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