Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Traveling With Your Supplies

Summertime is travel time. Visiting a new place is a great time to get inspired. We always recommend have a sketchbook and some of your favorites tools at the ready, but we recognize the need to pack lightly.

I asked Caryn for some her thoughts on packing economically while traveling. Check out some of her ideas below.

On your next trip take along a compact watercolor travel palette. Sakura Koi Watercolor sets are a great place to start.

Only 4x6" - Perfect for Travel
The set of 12 pans is small enough to fit in a pocket with mixing space built into the lid - Ideal when space is at a premium.

Mixing palette, paints, rinse sponges, water brush and a Fluid Watercolor Block. The additional travel brush is loaded with Walnut ink.
The set of 24 pans can be paired with a 4x6 Fluid Watercolor block or Strathmore Postcard Watercolor pad which fits right into the lid that can double as an easel. In addition, there is a detachable palette that provides extra mixing space.

TIP: Pre-stamp postcards or buy interesting stamps abroad and mail friends or family scenes from your trip. Snail Mail is still a great way to stay in touch!!

All sets come with a water brush which eliminates the need for a separate water container. Just fill the brush reservoir with water and squeeze to wet the brush tip. When you need to clean the brush, squeeze more water into the tip and dab on the provided cleaning sponge. My preferred method is to bring along a single paper towel or napkin to clean up. Either way, you're good to go.

You can buy additional travel brushes, with various tip sizes as well.

TIP: Fill some of your additional brushes with a permanent india ink to use as a base for your painting or fill it with a water-soluble ink to create interesting washes. I like the Walnut Ink by Tom Norton. It's a rich, light shade of brown that you can layer to increase tone. 

These ideas also translate well if your studio happens to be your home. We know how pressed for space we all are in the Bay Area. Don't let that stifle your creativity! 

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