Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mepxy Brush Markers

Dual tipped with a chisel and brush point - ARCH price $4.49 each

ARCH is pleased to bring in this new line of dual tipped art markers. The Mepxy Brush Marker is an alcohol based art marker available in 123 colors (including a blender) with a chisel tip at one end and a brush tip at the other.

ARCH currently stocks 123 colors

In playing around with the Mepxy markers the highlight for us is the juciness of the brush tip. It allows you to get the paper super saturated with vibrant color. They also stay wet a bit longer, allowing you to push the color around with brushes or pick it back up with the blender.

From this great review from Maria Del Pinto at Craft Critique these markers worked great on multiple surfaces (from paper, to cloth, to tin, etc.) and are toner safe.  Check out her review for more info.

Finally, yet not available just yet, the Mepxy Brush Marker is refillable!!!  We'll keep you posted as soon as the refills are available at ARCH.

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