Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks and Watercolor Ground!

Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks are here at ARCH! These watercolor sticks can be dipped in water and drawn with, or watered down like a pan watercolor and painted on with a brush. This convenient new product allows you to take watercolors with you easily and relatively mess-free. The color strength and clarity from Daniel Smith Watercolors is terrific and allows you to create a beautiful palette! ARCH carries Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks in 20 colors and they sell for $10.15 each!

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces to create a "watercolor paper" surface to produce beautiful paintings. The uses and possibilities are endless! Try applying it to wine bottles to create your own custom labels, apply to traditionally gessoed canvas to make a watercolor canvas, or apply to interior walls to create watercolor murals! ARCH carries the Watercolor Ground in white, but it is also available in Black and Buff Titanium. A pint jar sells for $19.17. Look below for some great projects made by using the Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground and Daniel Smith Watercolors!

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