Friday, January 18, 2013

February 8th and 9th - {Bird Of Virtue} Pop-Up Shop!

ARCH is proud to present the first designer in our Pop-Up Shop Series, Linnea Oliver of Bird of Virtue. Linnea has been a valued customer at ARCH and a member of TechShop. We are pleased to be presenting her work with an in-store opening reception February 8th from 5-7pm and a pop-up shop Saturday, February 9th from 12-5pm.

 {B i r d  o f  V i r t u e}

Hi there, and welcome to Bird of Virtue, a small design studio in San Francisco. My name is Linnea, and I create thought-provoking, intricately detailed, handcrafted accessories for men and women. 

I believe that jewelry shouldn’t overpower a person, but rather, should complement your natural confidence and style. My designs are modern yet delicate, elegant with an edge and a point of view, and timely without being trendy. I make things that I would want to wear out and about to an urban picnic on a gorgeous day, to a fabulous party, or to an important work meeting where I want to make an impression. 

You can see different aspects of my personality in my work—fresh, funky, chic, quiet. Lately, I’ve been drawn to the variations and warmth of high-quality hardwoods. In addition to using natural woods, my designs feature playful, hand-painted splashes of color—my nod to pop culture and the fun, lighthearted fashion moment we’re living in.

Conceptually, I also draw inspiration from the architecture of geometry and music. Being a musician, I’m fascinated with the mathematical components of music and the patterns that make us feel something when we hear a melody. This fascination with the mathematical, the patterned, and the organic is evident in many of my creations.

{C o l l e c t i o n s}

Braille: I’m intrigued by the patterns of dots that make up this visual language. It first struck me as a beautiful way to express all kinds of different “virtues”—to communicate in a private language that reflects the things you hold dear. You can choose to wear the Braille or standard English words facing out, depending on your mood.

Modern Geometrics: This original series features earrings, necklaces, men’s cufflinks and tie bars handcrafted out of intricately designed and layered laser-cut hardwood, accented with pops of bright colors and metallic paints. I love experimenting with the interplay between form and pattern, and you can see that in this series.

String Theory: I don’t know much about physics, but I know that this series lets me go bigger and bolder. These long, chunky, freeform necklaces are playful and fun, with asymmetrical wood and colorful crocheted beads sliding freely on long chains. They’re meant to move with you and make a statement on those days when you want your jewelry to speak at a slightly higher volume.

Initial Caps: These are an offbeat, urban take on the monogrammed cufflink and rings, using a modern font and laser-cut hardwood for a personalized touch.


{B i r d  o f  V i r t u e}

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